HC Music and Arts Cultural Connection

Harambee Gospel Choir ($75 Donation fee for fall session)

The music program is in the Fall to support the celebration of Martin Luther King Jr Day and Black History month. Those interested in singing can email

Umoja Community Membership

($50 a year to all adult community members)

Umoja Community Membership is open to all, regardless of race, religion, age, sexual orientation or disability. As a member, you may participate in the various programs and activities offered by the agency. By becoming a member, you will allow us to expand the mission of our organization to address the unprecedented challenges of cultural starvation. Those interested can email

* Community affiliation receives a quarterly newsletter.
* Early outreach and registration for events announced to the public

Cultural Activities Include:

  • February Liberation Celebration
  • Harambee Legacy Food Drive
  • The Garden project ever other Saturday
  • The Black Panther Party (November, TBA)
  • Check the Umoja Events Calendar for more events

Harambee Youth Connections

Preserving our Legacy & Culture ($65 inclusive Black/Brown safe spaces for members)

Our youth services and activities perpetuate and strengthen African-American identity, culture, values, traditions, knowledge and family life. Service to the village is at the heart of all programs. To sign up for activities below, contact the

Cultural Protective Activities Include:

  • Glen Edward Kuumba Literacy circle at the Arcata Farmers Market (Saturdays)
  • The Black Book Project (reading club)
  • The Black Panther Dance Club (November Anniversary Party)
  • The HYC Harambee Village ** (8 days, Last week in July and first week in August)
  • Y.E.S.S. (Fall Session and Spring Session)
  • The Rites of Passage * (Ages 14-18 can apply)
  • Kwanzaa: Winter Camp *
  • Liberation Camp: Spring (President Weeks) **
  • Kente Donning Ceremony (in May, Register open in February to participate)

**Please note, these activities are not part of the membership packet and therefore will have an extra fee. When funding is available HCBMAA offers partial scholarship to families that qualify. Families can also reach out to Changing Tides for assistance.

* Activity depends on availability

Other Ways to Give

Book Donations

Multi- ethnic, diverse and African American authors are always appreciated for the Glen Edward Literacy Library. You can purchase books locally at the Tin Can in Arcata or Bookleger in Eureka. We are working on an Amazon Smile account so when you purchase books or other materials so HCBMAA can receive donations for the literacy library. Please email for our Tax ID #


Zaka pledge ($10 a month supports the nutritional plans for youth and families)
Imani Harambee pledge ($25 a month supports the maintenance of the Harambee cultural programs)

Purchase Black LIves Matter ASM


Proceeds from all sells benefit the foundation

Our Partners

We work with a variety of national organizations, foundations, schools and governmental agencies. We serve all Black Indigenous Youth and Families of Color in Humboldt County

Harambee! Harambee!

Humboldt Area Foundation
Coast Central Credit Union
Private Community Donor
Wildberries Marketplace
Humboldt Health Fund
The North Coast Co-op
Pierre Foundation
Eureka NAACP


Jibril B
Kristin Ellis
Jennifer Blair
Alice Woodworth
The Sanchez Family
Catheryn Ballew
Temple Beth El
Karpani Burns
April Sheeran
Beth & Dave Wylie


Sean Robertson
Barbara Browning
Anthony Johnson
M.S. prive donor
Andrea Armin
Britney Wright
Marley Jarvis
Kalli Kale
Julia Clark
Jenni Simpson
Kelsey Goldstein
KJ Private Donor
LO Private Donor
S.N. Private Donor
Eva York
MR Private Donor
KS Private Donor
OC Private Donor
Ngan Ho
Yolanda Thomas
Brenda Starr
Laura Power

Kwa aina

Eureka Natural Foods
Arising Holistic Center
Sunnybrae Murphys
First 5 Humboldt
Black Humboldt
Los Bagels

Legacy Heritage Food Drive

Lorraine Miller-Wolf
Kathleen Lowder
Kenzie Mullen
Brenda Starr
Sean Robertson
Anne Braak Katz
Alice Woodworth
Eureka NAACP
M. Donor
Jen Mishkin

Ujamma Collaborations

Eureka Branch of the National Association of Colored People
The National Association of Negro Musicians, Inc
National Association of Black Social Workers
Mckinleyville High School Black Student Union
Humboldt State University Social Work program
Arcata High School Black Student Union
Black Mental Health Alliance
Fuente Nueve Charter School
Kemetic Yoga by Aj
Beauty 4 U Supply
Black Humboldt
The Jerk Kitchen
Taste of Bim

HCBMAA Initial Sponsors, 2019

A Special thank you to HC’s initial sponsors, who supported the dream of an African Agency to increase Black joy through music and somatic movement.

Zera Starchild
Dejana Dunn
Wilda Thompson
Jenifer Be Hajar
Brittany Wright
Ngan Ho
Rodney B.
Pat Kanzler
Jeri Rubin
Serenity Bowen
June Elhers
Amanda Devins
Ron McQueen
Alima Salmon
Red Wallace
Kathleen Lowder
Sharonne Blanck
Lorenza Simmons Phillip