Restorative Ubuntu Healing Circles for the Mind Body & Spirit

Community Ubuntu Circles are offered on the 2nd Wednesdays at 7:00 - 8:00 pm

Meeting ID: 871 8009 6070 Passcode: 892458

ABC Youth Social Justice Committee 3rd Wednesday at 7:00 - 8:00 pm

This platform is a cultural affinity space for ABC Social Justice Committee

In the words of Dr Martin Luther King Jr.

"We, the people, can only learn when we put away our own biases and work together" to promote community resilience and sustainability.

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The Sistahood

Building a healthy relationship with imani, sistahs, and love of self without guilt and shame Next Session: TBD

Why Join Us?

Read testimonies from other sistahs

"Since I was age four, I watched my grandma, momma, and the elders pray. These beautiful soul warriors would gather all over the place spreading love, joy, and light. Many times they would receive calls in the middle of the night to stop and pray. Each Prayer Warrior that I encountered had a relationship with the Lord. They brought different talents that were equally yoked when all of them were in the same room. I get chills just thinking about those powerful prayers. I remember learning how to pray and incorporating the Bible scriptures as a song upon my lips. John 3:16 is still a part of my prayerful walk along with Psalms 23. Like their ancestors before them, rooted in God's word, the Prayer Warriors are a tree of life that provides stability, warmth, and comfort to lost souls touched by darkness. Being with the Sisterhood, I can continue my ancestors' work, as a Sister Prayer Warrior, offering friendship, love, and prayer to these beautiful souls that I encounter in person and through technology. I am so blessed to be a part of the Sistah Prayers doing prophetic work."

- V

"As part of the prayer warriors I have an opportunity to fulfill a generational commitment to our community. To stand in the gap and proclaim the promises of our Father. Through praise and prayer we can align our work and will with God. Building community through the power and will of YWWH."

- Florence Parks

"I joined the Saturday morning Sistah Prayer Warrior group at first to support my sister Valetta. I continued to be a part of the group because of the bond that I now have with this diverse group of women. We are there for each other, to encourage one another and most importantly to pray with and for one another. When one of them doesn't join I am worried about her, I pray for her and hope that she will join us the following week. These women are such a blessing to my soul. I pray that more people will join this AWESOME group of praying women. Yolanda Thomas, Victorville, CA

Prayer has been a part of my life and family for many generations. When I saw an opportunity to join with Sistahs of color to pray for each other and beyond I made time to attend the first meeting. It’s part of my self care. We are stronger together"

- Yolanda Thomas

"When two or three gather in His name, a third is present. We are called to pray and I enjoy it. It connects me to God, the source of love. I joined Sista Prayer Warriors to be a part of a group of like minded women following Christ. We pray together and for each other and make each other better. Nkolika, Texas"

- Nkolika

"Prayer has been a part of my life and family for many generations. When I saw an opportunity to join with Sistahs of color to pray for each other and beyond I made time to attend the first meeting. It’s part of my self care. We are stronger together!"

- Latrice Watson

"My name is Angeletta Dean, and I am a creative graphic designer that has begun her journey in developing a new organization for survivors called “Root It to The Fullest.” Root It to The Fullest is a platform where the fearful, unheard voices of the many can be acknowledged. Connecting to root it to the fullest allows voices to come alive, to be heard and to break the shackles of fear. I am a survivor beginning at a very young age. For several years, I have volunteered as a community advocate, pregnancy councilor, youth minister, Christian rapper and soloist and working with adolescents youth. Through my journey, I was invited to join a prayer group called The Sisterhood: Women in Spirit. This prayer warrior group is, and has been, a true experience of God’s grace and blessings. We are transparent on every topic, there is space for spiritual growth with ones-self, one another and with God. Lastly, and most importantly, we are able to share God's love unconditionally no matter our race, cultural background, scars, or changes in life... past present or future. The Sisterhood is a blessing and a resource that I believe serves an important purpose. I am grateful to be a part of The Sisterhood and would recommend the group to other sisters."

- Angeletta

Ujima Parent Peer Support

Ujima Parent Peer Support is a 1 hour, 4-week platform that holds space for families raising children of color that needs support with family dynamics, hair & skin care, education and cultural activities.

This peer support is made available by Black Humboldt, B-Black, Eureka NAACP and HCBMAA who are invested in the safety and well-being of Black and Brown bodies in Humboldt County’s rural area where the demographics for Black folks is 1.4%. This space is led by Black folks that are grandparents, long term community residents, elders and practitioners. The date and location is TBD. For more information, check the calendar.

Check the Umoja events calendar for more information.

Soles in The Garden

Therapeutic culturally relevant gardening for community healing, passed down from the practices of our ancestors hands to the sole of our feet. Sole garden is a place of reconnection. Harvesting teaches Melanics how to care for themselves, the earth and the community. Youth can bring a container to take some fruits of their labor home when veggies are ready. In the Garden is an extension to the Bags of Love service we offer during Black Sovereignty month in February. Currently, Souls in the Garden is looking for a new location. We will let you know when this program will be available.

Check the Umoja events calendar for more information.